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Special Offer on new Alarm Systems

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Households are targeted by crooks every 7 seconds, says a new report by Churchill Insurance. Don’t be a statistic, get an Avonbridge Alarm now.

Make your Home stand out amongst those around you – deterring any burglar from choosing yours to break into.

Call now on 0117 982 2088 or 0117 986 8030 to arrange a free, no obligation demonstration of our award winning WireFree Alarm System.

You can see it in action, touch it and play with it – all from the comfort of your armchair – demonstrated by our Senior Surveyor who can answer any questions you may have at the time, and leave you with a price – there and then. Also, for a limited period, receive a free Personal Attack Alarm as a gift from us. * see below

Our WireFree Alarm Systems have all the latest technology and can be installed and fully functional usually in the same day. Without unsightly wiring or the need for drilling holes in your walls and floors, these Systems provide the perfect solution to your security needs and blend into your decor – all at a price that most people find surprisingly reassuring.

The Remote key fob to set and unset the System is a real winner with our Customers. With 2-way

radio technology you can set the System from the comfort of your bed, and the LED on the fob will
confirm to you that the System is set or unset. It can also be programmed as a panic button giving
you even more peace of mind – both night and day.

So don’t give burglars the green light to help themselves to your possessions. Protect them with an Avonbridge Alarm.

* limited to one per household.

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