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Why chose a Maintenance Programme?

Receive preferential time slots when booking an Engineer.

Receive preferential labour rates when an Engineer is needed. Only two-thirds of the labour rate.

Receive an Insurance Certificate to hand to your Insurance Company – many now give discounts on annual premiums when they know the house has a maintained alarm system.

You can’t wrap your Home up in barbed wire. So looking after your Alarm System under an Avonbridge Alarms Maintenance Programme is the smart way to protect your home, yourself and your possessions – and of course the Alarm System itself. 

Your Alarm is there for your protection and security so why ignore its welfare. You wouldn’t have a car and not service it. You wouldn’t have a Boiler and not service it. So why have an Alarm System and not have it regularly checked.

Murphy’s Law dictates that if not looked after your Alarm will go off at the most inconvenient times,
or not set at all, such as the middle of the night or when you leave for the airport.

So maintain it – don’t wait for it to break down and pay additional costs to have it put right when
regular servicing and testing could prevent it in the first place.

We offer 3 Maintenance Programmes tailored to suit all needs and requirements.

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Check out the Matrix to see which Programme suits you the best from the standard annual service right up to the all-inclusive parts and labour “peace of mind” option.

Our Customer base is pretty much evenly split – with equal numbers opting for each of the 3

You might even find the small print in your Household Insurance policy requires you to have your
Alarm System maintained by an approved company and possibly even covered under an annual
Maintenance Agreement.

So call now on 0117 982 2088 or 0117 986 8030 to arrange your maintenance visit at a time that suits you. Your Engineer will be able to talk through each Programme with you, and you can decide
on the day of your Service which programme suits you best.

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