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The Entry Level for Alarms is known as Audible – that is where bells/sirens sound on activation and relies on ‘somebody doing something’. Unless you live in an area where you can guarantee a neighbour’s response to your alarm sounding, then it makes good sense to have the Alarm communicate with you.

Subject to your Alarm being compatible (and we can usually make it compatible if it isn’t already) our Personal Monitoring enables the nerve centre of the Alarm System – its Control Panel – to communicate with you (and other nominated keyholders) over a land line or GSM via a SIM card, to let you know when your Alarm has been activated.

If you want additional monitoring of your home and its possessions, then we can offer ARC Monitoring.

This is where an independent external Alarm Receiving Centre receives any activation of your Alarm System “24/7/365”, and then rings you and your designated key holders to advise there is a problem.

Provided certain criteria are met, we can also arrange to extend this to Police Monitoring as if they were a designated key holder. Registering with the Police for a small one-off Police Admin fee, this can be set up for either Intruder or for Personal Attack or both, and in the event of an activation of your Alarm the Police will then respond in person.

Don’t forget that if someone reports a ringing alarm, the Police will no longer attend without confirmation of a crime being committed. A properly installed alarm system with “24/7/365” monitoring will provide this confirmation automatically, thus qualifying for Level 1 Police Response – equivalent to dialling 999.

We’re also very excited about the “new kid on the block” called DigiAir that signals via GSM with its patented WorldSIM which ‘searches’ all the different networks to seek out the strongest signal. After the initial connection fee there is never any “call charges” making this the “must have” for Domestic monitored alarm systems.

If you think you might benefit from some level of Monitoring – rather than hoping somebody will respond to the Siren – ring now on 0117 982 2088 or 0117 986 8030 and we can discuss the option that would best suit you and the costs involved.

For commercial premises, shops etc. we offer several levels of Commercial ARC Monitoring which can signal over Single Path (either land line or GSM) or Dual Path (both land line and GSM deployed for added security). Insurance Companies for the higher risk commercial customers will usually dictate whether this should be Grade 2, 3 or 4 – so if you’re a commercial customer falling into these categories please call us on 0117 982 2088 or 0117 986 8030 for further information.

We can even take over any existing monitoring arrangements you may have – all wrapped up in one of our Maintenance Programmes

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